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Our Approach

By engaging InsightMatrix, clients can leverage on our expertise and reliability of our methodologies, supported by our proprietary data intelligence system, to become a more effective communicator and marketer.

At InsightMatrix, we believe in optimising human expertise and technology in ways that will bring about the best outcome for integrating media monitoring and media analysis processes.

As a first step, InsightMatrix leverages on the advancement of technology by activating our proprietary data intelligence system to pick up relevant information from both offline and online media based on clients’ specific requirements. Following which, we engage our media consultants to check through the data collected, eliminating any data or expanding on the search when appropriate, to ensure high data relevance and integrity, based on their deep understanding of clients’ industries and needs.

With media analysis, we place very strong emphasis on qualitative measurement – an intensive process that relies on InsightMatrix’s proven expertise – to ensure that the report findings are in-depth, relevant and useful.    


InsightMatrix’s team of media consultants comprises experienced professionals who have deep knowledge of the media landscape and the industries they specialise in. The consultancy is recognised for its ability to engage clients, understand their needs, and provide recommendations and insights that are relevant to them.

We think like our clients and demonstrate strong acumens in helping them stay competitive by providing them with critical insights on key trends and issues that may impact their businesses.  


InsightMatrix believes that understanding our client’s business is the key to serving them better. That is why we have developed a dynamic system proprietary to the consultancy to enable us to map our research methodologies to our clients’ needs, so that we can generate findings that are localised and relevant.

We listen to our customers and apply this philosophy in every step of the way, be it fine-tuning our processes, mapping or generating additional insights, localising content or customising report formats for different target audiences.


Findings of media analysis are credible only when it is objective, relevant and conducted by an independent party. To achieve this end, InsightMatrix has set in place a rigorous process of generating media intelligence based on methodologies that adhere to international standards.

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InsightMatrix allocates dedicated resources to each client and assigns consultants with specialised knowledge in the respective industries to work with these clients.  In this way, you can be assured of receiving the best of our service and expertise in the area of strategic counselling.

Our service quality is built on our philosophy of staying close to clients. This means our clients have direct access to the management team who will work very closely with you on your requirements and various aspects of the research processes.