Core Competencies

Media Monitoring

InsightMatrix monitors news on clients, competitors and the industry across key media platforms such as print, wires and online, including social media.

This is done as part of integration with media analysis where we further collate and analyse the data to determine overall perceptions garnered among the media as well as the public and opinion experts.

Our media monitoring service covers an extensive list of media based in Singapore as well as in the region. As part of the integrated process, news tracked is delivered to clients on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly or monthly, and in a timely manner, as early as 9am in the morning.

Managed by experienced media consultants, InsightMatrix offers customised processes and media report formats to ensure that information reaches the clients the way they want it, and when they want it.

As a consultancy, we do more than just news tracking by also proactively offering advice to our clients, and at times giving recommendations, on ways to streamline their processes and improve their communications efforts. This is what that sets us apart from the rest.

List of enhanced services includes


Synopses writing

We provide high-quality summaries of news in style and format as required by our clients.

Prompt data collation and analysis

We collate and analyse information on a daily basis, findings of which are presented in a simple report that provides our clients with a quick glance of how positively they have been portrayed in the media or among social groups. 

Competitor tracking

We track news on your competitors to keep you up-to-date with their developments and activities. The information collected will then be analysed to assess share of voice as well as corporate or brand positioning of your company and the competitors, to enable you to sharpen your communications or marketing strategies.

With competitor tracking, you will be alerted of any opportunities or weakness that will help you gain a competitive edge.

Real-time (Crisis) tracking

We are scalable in resources and have the capability to set up a team in short notice to help our clients track news real-time, so as to provide them with prompt and regular feedback on any key developments which may arise during this period of monitoring.

Project overview

We provide brief project reports in quick turnaround time by tracking the list of media reports or online sentiments carried for each announcement or project.


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Media Analysis

The fast-moving information age has taken on a new paradigm which sees an explosive growth in social media network that has made it all the more critical for companies to understand how these changes will impact their reputation as well as communications and marketing strategies.

Keeping ahead of clients’ needs, InsightMatrix has embraced this latest development by integrating both offline and online media analysis processes to offer our clients a more compelling solution so as to help them track and understand how they have been portrayed in the media and among opinion leaders and social groups. 

By way of integrating offline and online media analyses, InsightMatrix analyses all relevant data tracked for a specific period to determine the overall portrayal of your company in relation to:

  • How positively your company or products have been reported or mentioned in the print media and web space


  • What the media and individuals have been saying about your company or products in relation to the key messages or sentiments communicated


  • How effectively your company has been engaging your target audiences

Additional benefits of media analysis also include benchmarking, measuring share of voice, competitor insights and return on investment, as well as tracking key industry trends and issues that may affect the operating environment in which our clients operate.

More about our methodology

With InsightMatrix’s rigorous measurement methods and in-depth analysis, our clients can leverage on the findings provided to fulfill the following objectives:

Reputation management

Understand how and what the media and the individuals have been saying about your company and products, and how these may influence others and affect overall portrayal of your company.


Understand the key drivers behind current outcome of communications and marketing efforts, and determine the factors that have led to the change in portrayal over time.

List of extended analysis services includes

Crisis alert analysis

One of our key strengths lies in our ability to track and analyse news in quick turnaround time, especially in times of crisis, to provide our clients with regular but concise situational analysis of what has ensued till the end of the crisis.

Competitor analysis

Knowledge obtained from casual evaluations of your competitors is usually insufficient to offer you a holistic view of their developments and strategic moves.

InsightMatrix is capable of filling this gap by employing a systematic framework to analyse the key aspects of your line of business and deriving insights on your competitors' profiles, objectives, and strategies.

This will enable you to gather meaningful insights from the analysis, so that you can review your plans and strategies accordingly.

Project analysis

Our clients have also engaged us to conduct in-depth analysis of coverage on key projects for a specific duration to measure ROIs and assess overall responses or portrayal of the project.

Brand analysis

Understand the kind of comments that have been made about your brands and assess how the brands relate to the various target audiences vis-à-vis that of the competitors.

Social media analysis

Understand how fast online chatter is influencing others; track positive as well as negative comments made about your company or products and assess the extent of influence these comments have on your company or products.

More about integrating social media analysis


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Regional Media Analysis

InsightMatrix works with an extensive network of partners in the region in providing comprehensive coverage of key markets which our clients have presence in. To ensure that the information tracked is in sync with our clients’ requirements, the processes are localised to suit various market conditions.

Data collected is then analysed by our core team of media consultants based in the local markets as well as in Singapore using InsightMatrix’s industry-leading methodology to ensure consistency in analysis and meaningful insights generated.

In addition to this, InsightMatrix also has the capability to support global MNCs who may have more complex needs in media monitoring and media analysis by providing them with guidelines, helping them set up cross-market practices, developing manuals and setting up templates to enable them to integrate and manage these processes across the region seamlessly, thereby yielding maximum results.


Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

InsightMatrix tracks, monitors, and analyses conversations taking place across various social media platforms, providing up-to-date insights and market intelligence on what consumers are really saying about you and your competitors.

Combining the expertise of social media analysts, who are in tuned to the psyche of social netizens, with state-of-the-art technology, InsightMatrix ensures that the process of tracking online sentiments includes both key parameters of client requirements as well as colloquialisms specific to the mindsets of the targeted social netizens.

This is to ensure that we pick up data that is in line with our intended objectives in order to gather a more accurate perspective of what happens on the ground.

Data gathered is then checked for relevance and coverage before we code and score the impact of each online message. The scoring process is important in assessing the level of impact that each online message has on your company or products, therefore helping you make critical decisions on formulating your communications and marketing strategies.

By using InsightMatrix’s social media monitoring and analysis services, you can :

  • Determine the level of noise created about your company or products, as well as the level of control to be made about your company’s online reputation


  • Assess how positively the consumers are responding to your company or products so that you know whom to engage in your marketing or communications efforts


  • Uncover marketing opportunities and trends to allow you to further fine-tune your strategies and strengthen your company’s positioning


  • Identify potential risks or issues for reputation management or damage control

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Consumer Behaviour Analysis

In order to provide our clients with a complete perspective of how their communications and marketing efforts have influenced the media and led to a change in consumer behaviour and mindsets, InsightMatrix takes its media analysis effort one step further by mapping findings of the media analysis to that of a consumer behaviour survey to assess the level of impact our clients’ marketing or communications strategies have on the consumers.

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Special Projects

InsightMatrix has acquired a broad breadth of expertise within its team.

Apart from driving the media monitoring and media analysis businesses, our media consultants also have rich experience in areas such as media relations and event management, which has enabled the consultancy to offer these services as extended product offerings to our clients.

As part of organic growth, we have built an impressive portfolio in this area which includes movers from the lifestyle, fashion, beauty and telecommunications industries.