List of extended analysis services includes:

Crisis alert analysis

One of our key strengths lies in our ability to track and analyse news in quick turnaround time, especially in times of crisis, to provide our clients with regular but concise situational analysis of what has ensued till the end of the crisis.

Competitor analysis

Knowledge obtained from casual evaluations of your competitors is usually insufficient to offer you a holistic view of their developments and strategic moves.

InsightMatrix is capable of filling this gap by employing a systematic framework to analyse the key aspects of your line of business and deriving insights on your competitors' profiles, objectives, and strategies.

This will enable you to gather meaningful insights from the analysis, so that you can review your plans and strategies accordingly.

Project analysis

Our clients have also engaged us to conduct in-depth analysis of coverage on key projects for a specific duration to measure ROIs and assess overall responses or portrayal of the project.

Brand analysis

Understand the kind of comments that have been made about your brands and assess how the brands relate to the various target audiences vis-à-vis that of the competitors.

Social media analysis

Understand how fast online chatter is influencing others; track positive as well as negative comments made about your company or products and assess the extent of influence these comments have on your company or products.

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