List of enhanced services includes:

Synopses writing

We provide high-quality summaries of news in style and format as required by our clients.

Prompt data collation and analysis

We collate and analyse information on a daily basis, findings of which are presented in a simple report that provides our clients with a quick glance of how positively they have been portrayed in the media or among social groups. 

Competitor tracking

We track news on your competitors to keep you up-to-date with their developments and activities. The information collected will then be analysed to assess share of voice as well as corporate or brand positioning of your company and the competitors, to enable you to sharpen your communications or marketing strategies.

With competitor tracking, you will be alerted of any opportunities or weakness that will help you gain a competitive edge.

Real-time (Crisis) tracking

We are scalable in resources and have the capability to set up a team in short notice to help our clients track news real-time, so as to provide them with prompt and regular feedback on any key developments which may arise during this period of monitoring.

Project overview

We provide brief project reports in quick turnaround time by tracking the list of media reports or online sentiments carried for each announcement or project.